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♥️ I help men get their confidence and power back after a breakup in 8 weeks or less

If you are struggling with a break up and looking to feel confident and powerful in 8 weeks or less, then you are in the irght place, because I have been there, I went through a very difficult breakup, feeling like I was at rock bottom, to feeling powerful and confident and better than I ever had using the Lovewell method.
And I just want to pass along my secrets to others who want to feel confident and powerful after a breakup too.
So give me a follow on Instagram where I share advice and support, and if you know that you need help already, schedule a free clarity call with me.

Use your breakup as fuel to transform you into someone you’ve never thought possible.

Fail fast. Grow quickly. Live the life you imagined.


"It was a very important experience for me... I was at a very difficult moment in my relationship with my girlfriend and I did not know if to stay or to leave. It had a strong impact on me so I could find the strength to decide and to commit to my girlfriend. Kat is very warm, very welcoming, very sensitive, she is very understanding and she is very skillful. It is definitely worth trying and for me it was a big thing."- Sören

"She's been absolutely wonderful, incredibly supportive, kind, and just a really good guide through the process that I went through, I was having some personal issues. Things were just causing me to lose a lot of sleep, had a lot of stress in my life just kind of carried a lot of weight on my shoulders. I was really amazed with the process of working with her. After the 1st session with Kat I was just amazied how quickly some of the tension and the challenges I was facing dissipated, honestly overnight. The process has been wonderful. I definitely recommend her work, especially if you tried traditional counseling and tried to solve things on your own. I think this is a very unique way to approach and very effective"- K

"I had trouble speaking my truth to people I love because I thought that I was going to hurt them and that made me not speak my truth. And it made me push stuff down. Now that the program is complete I can always just bring back that vision of that part of me and love that part of me and it just kicks me into being able to speak my truth in much more simple, more loving, more compassionate way. It was a great program to go through and I would recommend it for anyone"- Michael

"I was going through a lol of suffering at that time. What she shared really helped me to come to my love a lot. I have been going through a transformation and Kat has been very helpful with that, helping me with my fear and being able to love myself more deeply and fully, like actually love myself. I love Kat's teachings because she teaches on a spiritual level and also helps with the egoic level as well - not being trapped in the ego - super important. I would recommend Kat to anyone, anyone at all, anyone and every one"- Jae


“I have been feeling really good, I felt like I found a missing piece, unlocked another door to loving myself.
It has been massive. Thank you.
It helped me to figure out what I am wanting.
Just in 2 days I feel like I am making progress that I never would have." - J.

"Hi Kat, I wanted to send you a follow-up note from our session yesterday to let you know how transformative of an experience that was! I am honestly blown away by the impact! I feel like a massive weight has been released. After our session, I truthfully felt the difference in my life. My wife and I had this wonderful date night, and I could just feel myself fully opening my heart again to her without fear and insecurity. I've struggled with those feelings for well over 10 years now. That I could release them like that, so quickly and fully, truly felt like a miracle! It was life changing for our relationship. I also had the best night of sleep (and didn't need to drug myself to sleep like I usually do) without all the anxiety I usually experience. I woke up this morning and felt so wonderful and hopeful for what things can be like now going forward. I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you did!! You were wonderful in guiding me through that journey of self discovery and healing. I just want you to know how amazing you were in that process, how much it means to me, and what an impact you've made in my relationship with my wife. Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am very excited to continue our work together in January." K.

"you hold a beautiful space, you have a masterful way of asking questions, you are really good at that, you offer grounded voice and presence, you create spaciousness for things to emerge, you are good at finding empowering truths" - D

"I am doing excellent actually! My wife and I had an extremely difficult set of conversations Friday evening through Saturday evening, with plenty of hurts and tears, along the way, that needed to be worked through... but late last night we really found common understanding (it felt like a little miracle honestly!), and we are now in a wonderful, and much stronger place than ever before!! Somehow (like I said... a little miracle!)... we managed to un-tie a significant portion of the big ball of yarn! 🙂 I'm sure there may be a few more 'knots' we have to work through together at some point down the road, but I feel there is a huge shift now in that we were able to take a hugely nebulous and overwhelming challenge, and figure out how to address it together. I believe our coaching session was invaluable in helping me to identify that visual of what my wife and I were going through (the big ball of yarn), and in ultimately persevering through the challenging process to work through it together.So, with that, I SINCERELY want to say THANK YOU for your coaching and guiding me through this process of self-discovery and healing! I am very grateful for you!"

"During our sessions, I have been experiencing deep patterns within myself that were there for a long time. The sessions felt safe and structured. I appreciated the fact that we were able to delve into deep issues that I had difficulty addressing in other sessions of the same sort. There was a certain presence in our sessions that allowed me to explore deeper, and I'm grateful for that. I see myself on a trajectory of improvement over the period of the sessions. Your intention and focus on being present with what exists in the inner world have helped me develop further." - G

"I have been feeling so much more confident after our session, genuinely. I feel myself getting closer to embodied confidence after our session for sure and I am so grateful to you for this experience." - S

Turn you pain into power.

When working with me you will:

• feel confident and empowered
• get your power back
• gain broad clarity on the situation you are in and what you desire
• get answers to questions you have been looking for a long time

Here is what one of my clients said about my coaching:

"It's a very different approach that you've provided to me than how I would (or I think most people) traditionally approach working through personal issues, traumas, or struggles. The standard approach (at least for me) is to try to rationalize and problem solve an issue (i.e., look at it from all different angles, come up with alternatives, and decide which solution makes the most sense). That works in some situations where there are clear choices and decisions / trade-offs to make. It doesn't work as well when the issue is deeply emotional and/or doesn't provide for a clearly rational resolution. I think the approach you took with me tapped more into my emotional needs and hurts. And that is what I needed to more adequately address those issues. Trying to rationalize them (which I'd tried over and over and over again) just didn't work. Also, by doing the 'meditation' like approach, I felt more able to identify what the issue really was. I never would have thought that describing an issue in the way we did it would make any sort of sense to me, but it did help tap into something that I otherwise would have ignored or missed, and it made the problem something that could be solved more through feelings than logic. As for fear of discussing things, I was very surprised by how little we actually talked about any specific issue. I was a bit nervous before our first session to go into details, but you never asked, and they weren't important. Nothing was ever asked, nor shared, that made me uncomfortable in any way... truly. I've gone through traditional counseling, and that I get why people are hesitant because you do end up sharing very personal details. But this approach I would describe as much more self and inter-reflective, and you did a wonderful job of just guiding me through the process. In fact, if I was describing it to someone, I would call it guidance vs coaching. And you were absolutely terrific at it! Thank you so much!!!"

You can continue with "Do it yourself" approach,
you might have some successes,
yet if you are not there yet
the other option is applying the method that is proven to work.
and I am here to help you


Hello, I am Kat Lovewell and I am a love and relationship somatic coach - trauma informed (VITA™ certification program).I blend relationship coaching tools with psychology and spirituality to help people breakthrough challenges, blocks, uncover their truth, and experience greater fulfilment.My method combines Western scientific approach of psychology, neurobiology with time-honoured Eastern traditions like Taosim and Tantra. I believe that the Western approach informs and backs up the practices from the East – so we can understand why they work and transform us so effectively.For over a decade I've studied the works of many spiritual & relationship teachers, mentors, and coaches.I am also a reiki master and authentic relating expert.Marriage and long-term relationships gave me a great opportunity to better understand men and relationships.I work privately with clients (in person and online) and lead workshops. Washington, DC is my home.

I am here to bring more love, connection and intimacy into relationships so that we can thrive. I believe that healthy, loving and inspiring relationships are necessary for us to thrive.
I am a fierce and idealistic believer in love.

This work is so powerful because

• it is tailored specifically to exact challenges, it is not a cookie-cutter method• it blends Western scientific approach of psychology, and neurobiology with time-honoured Eastern traditions like Taosim and Tantra. I believe that the practices I use are backed up by the Western approach – so we understand why they work and transform us so effectively• it makes the unconscious conscious - going straight to the heart of what’s really going on• it truly gets results: you'll get your power back and feel confident

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to book a clarity call with me to discover get more clarity on what you need to get your power and confidence back

If you are struggling with a break up and looking to feel confident and powerful

then book a free clarity call with me and let me help you get your confidence and power back


"Very powerful event. Kat’s talk was inspiring and helped me understand intimacy at a deeper level. Her presence and voice created a safe space in which to relax and explore." - C.

"I attended Kat's Intimacy Workshop and left feeling empowered, and inspired to embody my true sensual nature. Kat did a brilliant job of holding space for the integration of trauma and making the nervous system feel safe and contained during the workshop. She empowered each participant, turning our projections of greatness of others back to ourselves and created an environment that supported our journey of remembrance back to our sacred self as well. Kat thoroughly explained the neurological, spiritual, emotional, and physical impact of the practice on our systems to change our lives." - J.

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